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Blogger Review ZGLOW Masks

ZGlow Masks: A Review September 3, 2017 I really was never into masking. I mean, yes, I would mask if someone gifted me one, but it was never part of my skin care routine. Until recently, I thought masking was just something fun to do when you had some extra time. I was wrong & adding a mask to my weekly routine has helped my skin stay clear, glowing, and moisturized + it feels like a mini spa day at home (ok, maybe not a whole day, but hey, I will take 15 minutes)! My masking routine usually consists of using a mask 2x a week. This changes based on my skin needs & the time I have. Masking is a great thing to add to your skincare routine if you haven't already because they can help target whatever current issue your are having (dull, breakouts, dry, oily) or just to keep your skin looking right. It's best to mask after a shower & exfoliation when your pores are open and ready to reap the benefits of your mask. ZGlow Skincare's line of masks offer something for every skin type & issue. Plus, they use many organic ingredients and never add parabens, petroleum, formaldehyde donors, artificial coloring, or phlates. All four of the masks they offer are $27. Links included below. Pumpkin This mask looks and smells like straight pumpkin! Hello Thanksgiving! I use this mask when I want to exfoliate and have a brighter complexion. When applying this mask it quickly starts to tingle (but not burn) and I like that feeling because it makes me feel like I know it's doing it's thing. The application is very splotchy- think layer with chunks. This is because of the pumpkin! When I rise it off, I immediately notice that my skin looks brighter & refreshed. What more could I want? Mud I think this mask might be my favorite (or a tie with the pumpkin!). I tend not to like mud masks because I felt like they left my skin feeling a little dry, but not this one! I mix it with water (or you can try honey) so I can easily apply it since it's pretty thick. I have normal skin so I definitely wouldn't use this all the time, but it's great when your skin is breaking out or if you tend to be on the oily side. It left my skin feeling tight (in a good way), soft, and squeaky clean. My skin felt ready to absorb my nightly moisturizer. When using this when my skin was having a mini breakout, I noticed a difference the next morning after using it! This could also be used as a spot treatment, but don't leave it on too long! Blueberry This mask goes on like a heavy cream. It is white, but smells faintly like blueberries. After I washed it off, it felt like my skin drank in all that moisture and it definitely felt plumper and hydrated. The blueberries and white tea added help with cell rejuvenation- ummm yes please! After hearing about another blogger mixing this mask with the mud mask, I knew I had to try! It did not disappoint. Since the mud mask is on the thicker side, the blueberry mask added the needed moister to help it spread easier. Plus, I'm all about a 2 for 1 deal- 2 masks in the time it takes to apply 1! Moisture In my opinion, this mask works very similar to the blueberry mask. Its consistency is thick like a cream and feels as though it melts into your skin. My skin felt extremely soft after using and would be great for someone that has dry skin. This mask is all about hydration & with hydration comes easing wrinkles and fine lines- who doesn't want that? This wold also be a great mix with the mud mask! Masking is a great way to enhance your skincare routine. Just be sure the ingredients you are putting on your skin are free of toxins and, when possible, organic to ensure that what's absorbed into your skin does more good than harm. Happy masking!

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