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Updated: May 2, 2021

Every one wants that smooth and glowing skin that stays healthy and brings that special glow and confidence once they step out. And there are so many beauty products that promise that, but Z Glow takes it to a whole new level with its latest release- Recharged Beauty Oil, made possible with a good helping hand from Mother Nature. And her little secret is simply the legendary Black Seed Oil among other skin nourishing ingredients.

Black seed oil is fortified with loads of skin benefits, from maintaining the skins natural oils to warding off bacteria, suppressing wrinkles and fine lines, soothing inflamed skin, and more. So when Z Glow harnessed these goodness to formulate the new Recharged Beauty Oil, they actually created a new way to unlock all the nourishing benefits of black seed oil onto the skin.

Black seed oil provides essential fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids, minerals nourishing your skin giving it what it needs to be healthy and glowing naturally. Regular application will help reduce dark spots and provide you with brighter looking skin. Recharged Beauty Oil is multi-functional and can be used on your hair, lips and even as a makeup base or added to any skincare product as a booster. Black seed oil was Cleopatra’s beauty secret as well as Egyptian goddess Nefertiti. This is your go to beauty oil.

Black Seed Oil

But What Exactly did Z Glow See in Black Seed Oil That Got Them Obsessed?

Black seed oil has been used for many medicinal purposes for centuries but here are the most appealing benefits of black seed oil for the skin that actually got Z Glow’s attention:

  1. Its antibacterial and anti-microbes properties inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other unhealthy microbes on the skin giving you an extra protected skin that’s clean and healthy.

  2. Its anti-inflammatory abilities soothes irritations and calms redness, so if you’ve got an acne condition then Recharged Beauty Oil with its rich black seed oil content will help fight the condition and diminish blemishes to ensure you enjoy healthier skin.

  3. Clogged pores doesn’t allow the skin to breathe properly and triggers acne and breakouts, but this special oil loosens things up. With a good supply to the skin there’s no need to worry over clogged pores. Leaves no oily residue on skin.

  4. Here’s another one, black seed oil can actually control the amount of sebum produced and balance the skins oil making it a great option for oily skin.

  5. Black seed oil can retain moisture, keep it locked in, improve skin elasticity and hence minimizes skin ageing.

  6. Black seed oil has got excellent antioxidant properties too. This makes it quite effective at fighting off free radicals and protecting the skin from damage.

  7. Whether it’s dry skin, oily skin, or sensitive, black seed oil is pretty much less likely to cause a breakout. This extra benefit stretches the range of users of the special oil and makes it more accommodating. Any skin type can benefit from the many benefits Black Seed Oil offers.

  8. And they help to maintain a sound and healthy immune system. Of course, the skin is a true reflection of the body’s health, when you’re healthy your skin equally stays healthy too.

With Recharged Beauty Oil you stand the chance to experience all this goodness in just one bottle. Recharged Beauty Oil compresses every one of these benefits into one bottle, improving the texture and appearance of your skin to leave it as fresh and beautiful as you’ve always craved. What better way to treat your skin?

More Clean, Less Chemicals

Now more than ever before, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the chemicals used in beauty products and they try to avoid them, all together, as best as they can. Well, the good news is that there are natural skincare alternatives that are pretty much as effective as their chemical counterpart, and have the added advantage of reduced chances of irritations.

This is why Z Glow’s Recharged Beauty Oil doesn’t use chemicals and uses virgin, cold-pressed black seed oil as its major ingredient alongside other essential nontoxic virgin, cold-pressed oils to form this unique oil serum formula.

If glowing and confident skin is what you’ve been searching for, then here's your moment...

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