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Getting Rid of Acne

Acne must be the worst skin condition that shows up on our skin.  It shows up uninvited and overstays its welcome.  Plus the scarring, redness and pigmentation it leaves behind.  Let's look at effective ways of preventing and treating acne.  It's so easy to want to pop or squeeze that pimple.  We all get the urge to do so.  Firsthand, lets understand what acne is, it's inflammation of the skin and when a pore is blocked then we get that nasty pimple we dread.  We try to conceal it, but we all know it's still there.  

Don't, however get the urge to pop it with your dirty fingers your just adding fuel to the fire. You will only push the bacteria and dead skin cells deeper down into the follicle.  Acne cysts are large painful inflamed abrasions.  Unfortunately cysts in this case must be treated by a doctor. Each time your skin is damaged or infected there is a chance that as the skin heals some skin cells and tissue will be lost.  

Some safer, natural alternatives to try.  Apple cider vinegar is known for its ability to fight bacteria and viruses.  After cleansing mix one part apple cider vinegar and three parts water. Use a cotton pad and apply mixture to the skin.  Rinse off 30 seconds to a minute or so later. Some skin types can tolerate longer times.  Aloe vera will help with moisturizing the skin, but try and get the most natural, raw aloe vera possible.  Aloe vera is effective as it has antibacterial properties.  Aloe vera also accelerates healing of skin, including reducing redness.  Our collection of non-toxic, clean green facial masks are a great addition to add to your acne fighting regiment.  Z Glows Pumpkin Mask and Clearing Mud Mask assists with fighting blemishes without using any toxic ingredients.  Steam face first and lightly exfoliate before applying masks to get the best results each time.  Stay consistent when using these natural, effective products.  

Many myths are out there as far as our diet and acne.  An effective method is a food diary.  Daily log ins of your diet and any changes in your skin can help determine the foods that maybe triggering your acne.  Don't forget water it's a necessity in healthy skin, always consume half your body weight in water daily.  Of course, if you can consume more water, then please do so. Stay away for chemical laden products they will only worsen your condition.  Toxic ingredients will only enhance your acne condition and you'll find yourself struggling even more so than before with your acne.  Stress plays a role in acne as it raises your cortisol levels.  You may find yourself breaking out more under stressful times.  Meditating is a huge stress reliever and allows our body and internal systems to relax and refresh.  So time block some self care for yourself and practice relaxation.  

Lastly, implement a system following these effective tips and give it time to process and stay consistent.  Remember it takes a little dedication but your skin is your largest organ and you'll be wearing it for a very long time. 

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